Popkomm has returned

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September 6th – September 12th 2010 in Berlin

Since it really was a debacle in 2009, it is all supposed to be completely different this year! The well-known music fair is cooperating with the Berlin Festival which is taking place on the 10th and 11th of september. Whoever is visiting one of the two events can also see the other one. It’s basically a win-win situation. Using the new name, Berlin Music Week, they are trying to display their whole potential. Of course, the new name is really just suggesting the new approach. If there are really so many changes we will only be able to tell this coming fall.

But after all, we still got the websites popkomm.de and berlin-music-week.de, but they have additionally set up a blog on popkommlive.com that is keeping us up to date about all cooperations, bookings, events and changes!

text by Eugen Braeunig

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